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book The Root of Christianity

A Layman’S Response

Words mean things and how you use them either maintains there meaning or belittles it and destroys its total value. Such is the word awesome.

When our youth use the word awesome for cars, Androids, or even their girlfriend, they are belittling the words characterization. The word awesome should only be used for the greatness of the Lord God or His works for mankind. It can be used for something that is greater than itself and stands out above all others.

Mikey Down

on the Farm begins

Mikey Down on the Farm begins with a short history of the life of Michael Helfrich, where he was born, and who his parents and grandparents were. The author then recites several events from his youth to show how essential structure, discipline, instructions, and love are in their lives of children.

He takes you on his journey and shows how, as a man, you can become closer to God and how to provide a solid foundation for the next generation.

about the author

Michael Helfrich

I was born in Tillamook, Oregon in 1942. I was raised on a farm and after highs school I served in Navy for four years. I have been married forty-four years; have two married daughters and five grandchildren. My work experience was in the machinist trade inspecting nuclear parts for the military and aerospace industry.

Before retiring I was self-employed as a hazmat courier delivering nuclear medicine. I became a Christian in 1972. I began reading the Bible and studying God’s word; but often had difficulty understanding why what was being taught by my pastor.