about the

author Michael Helfrich

I was born in Tillamook, Oregon in 1942. I was raised on a farm and after highs school I served in Navy for four years. I have been married forty-four years; have two married daughters and five grandchildren. My work experience was in the machinist trade inspecting nuclear parts for the military and aerospace industry. Before retiring I was self-employed as a hazmat courier delivering nuclear medicine. I became a Christian in 1972.

I began reading the Bible and studying God’s word; but often had difficulty understanding why what was being taught by my pastor. What was being taught did not seem the same as what I was reading in the scriptures. In 1985, I met a man who was having the same difficulty. My friend had attended seminary and we began studying and sharing the scriptures together. Over the past twenty–eight years; what my friend I have read in scripture does not always coincide with what is being taught by the mainstream evangelical church. This book is a simple attempt to share what God has revealed to me over these many years.